The name AekinJay is from an old character of mine from my Dungeons and Dragons days.  I adopted it because it suits my demeanor well.  But that aside, here's some real bio information for you.


Name:  Jeff M. Cheatham

Age:  28

Sex:  Male

Marital Status:  Married

Children: 4 (3 boys and a little girl)

Employment:  Support Engineer for Hewlett Packard

Schooling:  Some College.  I am currently working on my Computer Science degree from Regis University

Hobbies:  Being creative.  I enjoy 3D CG art as well has traditional hand drawn sketches.  I am also an avid TCG player and am currently working on a TCG of my own which I hope to publish after I complete the play-testing.


All art located on this web-site is created by AekinJay and copyright AekinJay